Studies in Canine Physical Rehabilitation and the benefits

SAVC Accreditation number: AC/0793/21

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Canine physical rehabilitation is growing very quickly within the sphere of veterinary medicine. This presentation covers the benefits of physical rehabilitation and the value this avenue can provide within a veterinary practice. This includes hastened return to mobility following surgery and another possibility when surgery may not be an option. Further benefits are improved client relations and enhanced perceptions about your veterinary practice. Potential clients view your facility as up-to-date and genuinely caring. These are demonstrated by means of case studies. The first focuses on recovery from stifle surgery which is a common event in most veterinary practices. Appreciating the role rehabilitation can play in return to function can improve surgical outcomes. The next case is a complicated fracture and how rehabilitation helped to prevent a limb amputation. The client’s emotional state and their concerns around their animal companion are not to be underestimated. The final case study looks at conservative management of cervical vertebral instability in a giant breed dog. Physical rehabilitation has been instrumental in maintaining this dog’s quality of life. In instances where surgery is not feasible, rehabilitation can offer a solution for the patient and the client. The client, veterinarian and patient triangle is always considered with needs of both the client and the patient contributing to each individual program.

Are you a veterinarian, or a veterinary nurse who would like to learn more about how you can start to incorporate physical rehabilitation in your practice? Incorporating physical rehabilitation will help to improve the outcomes of your orthopaedic and neurological cases and will enable you to offer your clients more choices. Click the button below to learn more. 

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