Quality of Life Assessment

Have you ever wondered if your dog is in pain? Do you know how dogs show pain?  Is your best friend older and slowing down? OR Has your canine companion undergone joint or bone surgery? Maybe your dog is not quite the same as before the operation? 

It is a common misconception that dogs will whine, whimper or cry when they are sore. There is an assumption that if your dog is not vocalising in this way then it is not sore. Yes, dogs can be vocal when experiencing pain but NOT ALWAYS. There are so many other changes that can indicate discomfort. 

From an evolutionary perspective overtly showing pain may be disadvantageous to a predator. Dogs have learnt to get on with life regardless of what they are experiencing physically. Think about how enthusiastic a dog is to chase a ball. They will do so even though they still have stitches in after a surgical procedure.  

Veterinarians have questioned for years, decades in fact, how to measure pain in dogs. This has resulted in numerous questionnaires and pain scales which give a score. They can sometimes be referred to as a quality-of-life questionnaire. The enquiry takes many aspects of the dog into consideration – all of which may indicate a degree of pain. Each change may not be significant on its own but when put together they give a fairly accurate picture of where your dog is in terms of quality-of-life. Areas to consider are social interactions, everyday functions like food and water intake, mental and physical health, as well as mobility. 

This is your opportunity to assess your dog’s level of pain. 

Please go ahead and take this quiz to determine a quality-of-life score for your beloved companion. 

Please grade each question with the most accurate observation of your companion. Compare now to before the injury/surgery or to a few months ago.

  • 0 = I agree (this describes my pet)
  • 1 = I see some changes
  • 2 = I disagree (this does not describe my pet)
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