Dr Tanya always knew she wanted to help animals. From a very young age she put her mind to becoming a qualified veterinarian and spent every moment of her childhood working towards achieving that dream. Like many veterinarians in South Africa, Dr Tanya Grantham began her career as a student at the University of Pretoria at Onderstepoort in South Africa and qualified in 1994. Dr Tanya started working as a small animal veterinarian in private practice and in 1995 went on to own her own practice along with her equal share business partner. Dr Tanya worked in her own practice for over ten years until she fell ill, forcing her to slow down from owning and managing her own practice for a period of time while she recovered from her illness.

While recovering she revaluated her life, her career path and her goals and upon returning to work full time established Animal Health and Hydro, a small animal, physical rehabilitation practice in Rynfield in Benoni.

Education and Skills

Dr Tanya is a qualified Veterinary surgeon with surgical capabilities and the ability to perform prolotherapy, gold bead implantation and intra-articular injections in small animals. She is also a qualified Veterinary acupuncturist with Western and Eastern training and obtained her certification through the association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists and the CHI institute.

Dr Tanya’s passion is to improve her patient’s quality of life, and in doing so is able to give her clients more peace of mind. She is able to achieve this through a number of treatment modalities. As every patient is unique and responds differently, and every client is unique, Dr Tanya is able to work with the client’s available resources the most limiting of which is often time and money. Dr Tanya always seeks to provide a solution which is best for the whole family.

Dr Tanya is a certified canine rehabilitation practitioner and her small animal physical rehabilitation skills include (but are not limited to) analysis of conformation and gait, full physical assessment, manual therapy skills such as massage and myofascial release techniques, hydrotherapy (pool and underwater treadmill), therapeutic exercises for dogs and cats, ability to set appropriate goals according to tissue trauma and phases of healing. More recently she completed a course in Canine Sports Medicine hosted by Dr Chris Zink..

Teaching and Lecturing

Dr. Tanya also loves to share her knowledge with veterinary professionals, pet owners and anyone that is interested in enhancing their life (and the lives of their companions) through information and skills.

Dr Tanya has developed an online continuing professional development certificate course for veterinarians: Canine Integrative Physical Rehabilitation. She is the tutor and mentor for the duration of the course, which is 12 months. The course is supported and delivered by The College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies in Australia (CIVT). Her wildly improbable goal is to establish a foundation that supports all veterinary professionals on every level – be it physical, emotional, spiritual, personal or through business education, financial aid and learning skills that enhance our hands-on abilities.

Dr Tanya is also a lecturer and examiner of veterinary physiotherapy students (canine), for Equine-Librium College, Plettenberg Bay and hosts their third and fourth-year students at Animal Health and Hydro, as part of the integrated learning component of their qualification. Animal Health and Hydro is also an approved facility (University of Tennessee) for CCRP externship hours.

More recently Dr Tanya has started offering free Facebook Live webinars for the public, and with her team of therapists has started launching online courses for pet owners.

Public Speaking

Dr Tanya was a guest speaker at the 2019 Biannual South African Veterinary Council congress held at Emperors place. Dr Tanya gave three talks at the congress on the following topics; Canine Hip Dysplasia, Intervertebral Disc Disease in dogs and case studies in Canine Physical Rehabilitation.

Dr Tanya was also a guest speaker at the 2020 Vet Expo held online, owing to the COVID19 pandemic. Dr Tanya’s talk was sponsored by SAAPRA and she spoke about the importance of physical rehabilitation in both surgical and non-surgical cases, in order to improve a patient’s outcome.  

Dr Tanya has also done a “Winning with Wobblers” talk for Online Pet Health.

Dr Tanya has also completed a series of webinars for the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies (CIVT) on the following topics; Hind limb awareness in juvenile dogs, Home exercises to improve the outcomes in dogs with Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) and What to expect from the conservative management of Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease.

Dr Tanya will be a guest speaker at the CVMG Congress in 2021.

Vet News Publication

Dr Tanya is a regular writer for the popular veterinary trade magazine “Vet News” and to date has written over 40 articles for the publication.

Business, Coaching and Mentoring

Since 1995 Dr Tanya has owned and run her own businesses. Since starting Animal Health and Hydro is 2009, she has gone on to open three branches, in Benoni, Pretoria East and Fourways. Dr Tanya’s business skills include business strategy development and management including industry specific development. She has spent the past 5 years working with Action Coach, business coach Geoff Fairhurst.

Dr Tanya firmly believes in motivating and mentoring her team members with varying academic and practical skill levels, to become the most that they can be. Dr Tanya actively encourages the further learning and development of all her team members in a number of skills ranging from business education to new areas of study or in new treatment modalities.

Nominations and Accolades

In 2020 Dr Tanya was nominated as one of eight international finalists for the Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapist of the year award, by the International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation Physical Therapists.

In 2016 Animal Health and Hydro won the award for the most innovative business by the Business Excellence Forum and was a finalist for the 702 Small Business Awards in the same year.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr Tanya is also involved in several community outreach projects such as the Thanda Inja project which is responsible of assisting the underprivileged community of Daveyton on the East Rand. Through the Thanda Inja project Dr Tanya has participated in sterilisation and vaccination programs in the area. Dr Tanya also offers a number of pro-bono rehabilitation treatments to non-profit rescue organisations such as Pug Rescue and Husky Rescue.


Dr Tanya is married to her husband Hugh Grantham, together they love to be with her animal companions (horses, dogs and cats). Dr Tanya is a keen trail runner and experiences great joy when she is running with her horse beside her.