The Animal Health and Hydro Internship Program

You have dedicated a number of years to completing your studies, you are now qualified and the world is your oyster. Those dreams you have had of turning your passion for helping animals into a career is coming true.

Reality soon sets in that mistakes cost more than mere marks, and there are real consequences for getting it wrong. You suddenly realise that while you had many opportunities to gain practice skills during your studies, now you are not sure if it was enough. The safety of having your lecturers close as hand is no longer available to you. As exciting as it is to start your new career, these factors can make it very daunting, and have been known to breakdown the confidence of many a new professional entering the workplace for the first time.

Dr Tanya often recalls at the start of her own career, when she was given the incredible opportunity, as a newly qualified veterinarian, to enter into a partnership at an established and thriving small animal veterinary practice. Under the guidance and mentorship of her more experienced

partner, she learned a wealth of veterinary skills, but in addition she gained invaluable experience in client relations, managing staff, business administration and much more.

In 2020 Dr Tanya joined an initiative of the South African Veterinary Association. As part of this initiative Dr Tanya is serving as a mentor to a first year, community service veterinarian. During the course of this program she has learned the importance of sharing knowledge and experience and offering support to newly qualified professionals.

Furthermore there is a shortage of competent Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapists in South Africa, at a time when pet owners are becoming more knowledgeable about the benefits of Physical Rehabilitation for their animal companions.

It is for these reasons that Dr Tanya has started an Internship program for newly qualified Veterinarians, Veterinary Physiotherapists, Veterinary Nurses and Animal Health Technicians.

The internship is highly structured and offers ample opportunity to gain practical, hands on experience in treating a number of conditions using a number of treatment modalities.

Internships range from three to six months depending on the needs of the intern.

To successfully complete the internship program, interns will be required to conduct and complete three case studies.

In addition to practical skills and theoretical knowledge on Physical Rehabilitation, Interns will gain experience in client relations, will be exposed to some aspects of business administration but most importantly interns will learn the value of teamwork and building a professional network. An excellent relationship with a qualified network of veterinarians, experienced therapists and business professionals will prove invaluable when the intern completes the program and starts formal employment. Should the intern encounter challenging cases or problems within their working career, the intern will now have a network of people to reach out to, to bounce ideas and get advice.

To apply send your CV to :

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