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Dr Tee's Pain Prevention Protocol for Dogs

Is your dog in pain? Here's what you can do!

Dear Dog Lover

My Name is Tanya or Dr Tee as many people call me, and I have been a Vet for over 25 years. My current version of veterinary medicine concerns itself with physical rehabilitation and pain management in dogs and cats. In my practice I often find that my clients are desperately seeking more information when their beloved animal companions are diagnosed with a condition, or as they get older, on how to best manage their pain and how to make them as comfortable as possible.

For these people, their animal companion has been a member of their family for a number of years. They have built a deep mutual love for one another, and they hate to see their fur-baby in pain.  Many are wondering if they are doing all that they can do, or if what they are doing is in fact the best option. There is much misinformation and misunderstanding of the nature of pain in our animal companions, the use of medication and their response to these medicines. There are many complementary therapies that can contribute to reducing pain and improving quality of life. 

It is for this reason that I have put together this 5 module online course. It is designed to help people like you learn more, so that you can help your beloved animal companion have the best quality of life possible. 

I would like to invite you to take this on-demand course online. The 5 modules can be done in your free time, when convenient.

All my lo

Dr Tee


A 5 module short course to give you the understanding of how dogs express pain, and to develop practical skills to improve your dog’s mobility and enhance quality of life.

If you have a dog that:-

  • Has undergone joint, spinal or bone surgery
  • Is aging
  • Has injured itself
  • Is on medication for pain but still seems to be uncomfortable
  • Is taking medication that creates side effects
  • You intuitively feel may be sore, but your concerns are not being addressed
  • Is no longer as active as he used to be
  • Has a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia

Do you want:-

  • To be proactive in recognising and addressing pain in your best friend?
  • To be more involved in improving the quality of life of your canine companion?
  • More information regarding how your dog may feel and express pain?
  • Ways in which to alleviate pain in your dog?

Then this course is for you!!!!

This short course combines the expertise and knowledge of a small animal physical rehabilitation veterinarian, with the viewpoint of the dog parent. It offers easy and practical solutions to managing your companion’s pain. You will no longer feel so helpless in the face of your companion’s discomfort.

Dr. Tanya Grantham (affectionately called Dr. Tee) has helped thousands of animal guardians to improve the quality of life of their beloved companions. 

Many of her clients that visit for therapy and advice are now on their third or fourth generation of dogs. They keep on coming back with different dogs for a multitude of therapies and advice.

A finalist in the international therapist of the year award 2020 (voted by veterinary physical rehabilitation peers from around the globe) Dr. Tee has experience in each technique, understands the medicines and can steer you in the direction of successfully decreasing the pain your dog feels. She loves to teach practical skills and genuinely wishes to empower every pet parent. You will no longer feel so helpless in the face of your companion’s discomfort.

This course comprises 5 (five) 90-minute online, on-demand modules.

Dr. Tee’s clients have this to say:

“…her continued dedication and commitment to her patients, staff, communities and fellow veterinarians. Her passion for educating others in alternative treatments and new methods is inspiring and greatly beneficial to us all.”

“The interaction I have had with the practice has been wonderful, it’s always reassuring when your concerns are understood and your questions answered. Dr Grantham is kind, caring , knowledgeable and professional.”

“…her passion, the fact that my fur baby is herself again, and for educating me on how to deal with the unknown and help my girl with her recovery.”

“After seeing my vet, and specialist vet, without much success, Doc Tanya on a zoom call explained the x-rays and gave extremely valuable advice. If not for her my beloved 11yr old Pomeranian would be on daily pain management medication until he no longer had quality of life. Doc Tanya goes above and beyond in all she does to help our pets.”

If you think, feel or know your dog is in pain then there is no time like the present to access this life-changing information.

The course is available on-demand for you to complete at a time that is convenient to you. Your attendance on this course gives you access to a private Facebook group will be created for all participants in which you will have access to Dr. Tee’s expertise for 6 weeks, where she will be happy to answer your pain related questions. PDF versions of notes will be available for download.

Pain associated with osteoarthritis worsens in colder weather. As winter approaches in the Southern hemisphere, prepare yourself (and your dog) before it arrives.

  • You will discover how to interpret your dog’s signs and behaviours that indicate pain or discomfort.
  • You will become proactive in managing your friend’s pain.
  • You will feel less helpless in the face of obvious discomfort, and perhaps even reduce the need for drugs.
  • Your dog’s mobility will improve.
  • You will make a more positive contribution to a longer, more joyful life together (beyond food and shelter).
  • You can enjoy the daily walks or country hikes without feeling guilty because your furry friend can no longer cope. 
  • Your bond with your best friend will be enhanced.

What is on offer

Do you intuitively feel your dog is in pain but cannot explain this?

Module 1 : What is Pain?

How to recognise pain in your canine companion.

  • Definition, physiology.
  • Types of pain (acute, chronic, neuropathic and wind-up pain).
  • How does a dog show he is in pain?
    • Physical
    • Mobility
    • Performance
    • Behavioural/Personality
  • Pain Assessment and Quality of Life Questionnaire

Are you frustrated because the medicines you are giving your dog do not manage his pain adequately?

Module 2 : Options Available to Treat Pain Part 1

A Multi-Modal Approach – the Veterinarian’s Perspective

  • Medicines
  • Supplements (specifically for joints)
  • Diet
  • Electrotherapies (Light Therapy, TENS, Magnetic, Ultrasound)
  • Complementary Veterinary Therapies (Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathy)

Do you want to be empowered to give your ailing painful canine companion the best life possible? Without excessive medication?

Module 3 : Options Available to Treat Pain Part 2

A Multi-Modal Approach – the Dog Guardian’s Perspective

  • Physical Therapies (Exercise, Hydrotherapy, Massage)
  • Energy Modalities (TTouch, Reiki, Kinesiology etc.)
  • Herbs
  • Cannabis

Do you know there are many ways to reduce pain in dogs and not all of them are medical? 

Module 4 : Practical Tips to Alleviate Pain

What Can You Do to Ease your Dog’s Discomfort?

  • Environmental Adaptations
  • Hot and Cold Therapies
  • Basic Massage
  • Exercise Adjustments – A Simple Program

Module 5 : Live Q and A Sessions

Bring All Your Questions for a Lively and Informative Discussion

  • Questions pertaining to course material that remain unanswered
  • Questions about attendees own dogs and their pain
  • Adjustments that have worked for members of the group
  • Any practical areas/applications that require clarity


  • 5 acupressure points for pain (pre-recorded video and PDF).
  • Basic “how to” massage video.

Dr Tanya Grantham, founder and owner of Animal Health and Hydro, has been an active Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Practitioner since 1994. Animal Health and Hydro was established in 2009, and focuses on the physical rehabilitation and pain management of dogs and cats. Dr. Tanya is invested in education and the empowerment it brings. She has been teaching about pain in animals, not only on a daily basis to many of the clients that walk through the doors of her establishment, but also to veterinarians and undergraduate veterinary physiotherapists in the form of lectures, CE/CPD webinars and accredited rehabilitation courses. Her passion is helping people achieve their full potential in a way that adds meaning, not only to their own lives, but in a manner that affects real change in the lives of all sentient beings who share our planet. Dr. Tanya is a graduate of the Onderstepoort Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa. She holds post-graduate certificates in Canine Rehabilitation (University of Tennessee USA), Veterinary Acupuncture (Chi University Florida, USA) and Veterinary Clinical Research (Canine Rehabilitation Institute Florida USA).

You will receive:

  • 5 module program (1 module per week)
  • 5 LIVE webinars – 90 minutes each
  • Downloadable notes (PDF)
  • Access to recordings for a further 6 weeks
  • Access to a private Facebook group for the duration of the course (plus one week)
  • Bonuses
    • 5 acupressure points for pain (video and PDF)
    • How to basic massage video


Course Price: R1 500 (approx. US Dollar 97 or GB Pounds 75) the payment gateway will convert at the current exchange rate so these prices may vary)

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