Testimonials: Dr Tanya's Canine Physical Rehabilitation with practicals

I have attended three of the seven practical days of the ‘Canine Physical Rehabilitation Course’ with Dr. Tanya Grantham. The first day covered gait analysis and lameness evaluation. Each of the students was given a dog to assess and, using the knowledge gained from the notes we had received and the guidance from Dr. Grantham, we discovered the issues with the ‘patients’. It was very hands on and interesting, each case different from the next.

The next practical day was mostly spent at pug rescue utilizing our newly found skills on the animals there. We have received extensive notes on Photobiomodulation and Electrical Stimulation and put it into practice. Again, each student was given a dog to practice on – all the while being led by Dr. Grantham. The machines were in very good working order and the use of them was explained in detail.

The third practical was on neurological examinations and cases. Again, we had notes to go through beforehand. A thorough neurological examination was demonstrated, and we had a chance to evaluate our own dogs and discuss how we would treat them going forward, as on the previous occasions

The rehabilitation portion of my nursing diploma 12 years ago was minimal, but as I have been fortunate to work in a specialist hospital since I qualified, I thought I had quite an understanding of rehab. I was amazed at how little I actually knew when it came to the entire process, what it entails and how much goes into it! Each one of the practical days that I’ve attended has been so beneficial and has been like learning a completely new subject. The fact that we each had our own dogs to evaluate and then learn from our colleagues when evaluating theirs, always with an educated and experienced teacher guiding us, was invaluable. I have learnt so much during this course. Putting into practice what was sent to us in our notes made some very difficult concepts make sense.

Thank you.

Sr. Jacqui Ruttimann


Dr Peta Danielle Muller-Deibicht says “I sought out Dr Tanya’s online course because I felt I was missing something when treating my patients. I have been in practice for ten years and have embarked on a journey of pain management and palliative care. I soon realised that medication can control pain, but it does not fully equip the patient to live in their body, with their condition. Dr Tee’s online course has empowered me to give my patients better lives. Most importantly I am putting fewer patients down because I can now provide a complete holistic approach to aid their recovery and enable my clients to improve their pets quality of life.”

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