Exercise: Proprioceptive Pathway

Exercise: Proprioceptive Pathway Purpose:         To stimulate mechanoreceptors in the joints, skin and muscle. Goal:               To encourage your dog to walk over a number of different surfaces to stimulate sensory awareness of the legs. Technique:      Walk your dog over as many different and uneven surfaces as possible. A slower pace is required in

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Exercise: Rhythmic Stabilisations

Exercise: Rhythmic Stabilisations Purpose:          Strengthen the stabiliser muscles of the limbs and trunk. Goal:               Muscles of the body engage without the patient taking a step. The aim is to achieve alternating isometric contractions (this means the muscle generates force without movement of the body part) of opposing muscles. The pathways of the spine are stimulated

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Exercise: Standing Bicycles

Exercise: Standing Bicycles Purpose: To encourage a normal ‘walking’ movement of a dog, particularly if severely compromised. As each joint is moved, as in passive range of motion, the joint is lubricated and the joint surfaces bathed in joint fluid which nourishes the cartilage. Normal flexion and extension of each joint is encouraged and maintained.

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