Our Mission

We desire to enhance trust in the Veterinary profession, in the hearts of our clients, by providing information of the highest standards and collaboration between professionals.

We often get people coming to our practice, who have found us online while researching their animal companion’s diagnosis, who are frustrated with the information they have received from their Veterinarian, about their companion’s condition, and the lack of options which were given to them in the treatment and management of that condition, with which their companion was diagnosed.

We understand that many of our Veterinary Colleagues simply do not have the resources, and often the greatest constrained resource our Veterinary Colleagues experience is time, to explain the diagnosis and the options which may be available in treating that condition. Especially when the treatment option the client most certainly would like to explore is a conservative option, which is also possible where the Veterinarian has the least experience, due to the fact that Veterinary Physiotherapy is a relatively new profession in South Africa.

Physiotherapy in medicine is not new. It has been around and used in human medicine since 400BC. Physiotherapy along with Occupational Therapy, has been used in both the conservative treatment of many conditions and injuries, as well as been used post-surgically to improve the outcome of the surgery and to return the patient to function, as completely and rapidly as possible.

Our objective is to partner with our Veterinary Colleagues, so that together we may offer as much information to our mutual clients as we are able, so that they can make their own informed decisions, based on sound, professional Veterinary advice and guidance. We can assist our Veterinary Colleagues by providing high quality information which has been compiled by our team of Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Professionals for the distribution to pet-parents who need it most. We also offer online courses and a membership platform many of which have CPD accreditation, for our Veterinary Colleagues, so that those who desire to be able to offer their clients more conservative treatment options from within their own practice, are able to do so.

Professional Education

Offering the Veterinary Profession CPD accredited learning material through online courses and a membership platform, so that you are able to give your clients more options and more advice, so that they can make the choice best suited to their personal circumstances.

Public Education

Providing high quality information, compiled by qualified Veterinarians, Para-Veterinarians, and certified trainers with a high level of expertise in their field, so that you may make an informed decision regarding the health and wellbeing of your animal companion.

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