Online Course: Puppy Fitness Programme



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This course is designed to help you implement a puppy fitness programme from the comfort of

your own home. The course will require approximately 15 minutes per week of online learning

which will include a number of exercises requiring 15 to 20 minutes two to three times per week,

starting from week 5.

The exercises build on one another and increase weekly in terms of effort and skill required

by both you and your puppy. With our guidance and regular effort every week, you can help your

puppy develop core strength, hindlimb awareness and mental agility, which will set your puppy up for

success in adult life.

All exercises will be explained in step by step fashion, along with what to look for when doing the

exercise correctly.

Our primary goal is to help prevent injury, delay the progression of congenital diseases, improve

body awareness, increase confidence and curb bad habits which may have negative consequences

later in life.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to compete in any sport with their dog such as

agility, herding, IPO, or flyball. Or for those weekend warriors who enjoy taking their dogs

for runs, hiking or long walks. People who have show dogs who desire to improve their dogs

gait, standing and general performance in the show ring.   This course is also designed  for people

who are raising breeds of dogs which may be susceptible to diseases such as Hip and Elbow Dysplasia,

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease, Patellar Luxation and IVDD. Or those who have little time and need

a programme which can be completed from the comfort of their home in under 20 minutes a


Live interactive webinars will be presented by your course hosts every three months. Purchasing this course gives 

you free access to these webinars for 12 months after signing up. These webinars provide you an opportunity to 

connect with a like-minded community and talk through your challenges, receive advice etc. from the experts, as you work through this programme.

This course is delivered by:

Jessica Evans who is a certified canine fitness trainer who studied through the University of Tennessee.

Jessica is also a Physical Rehabilitation therapist working at Animal Health and Hydro. Jessica has also earned

her stripes in the show ring and has a working knowledge of show dogs across various different breeds.

Dr Tanya Grantham who is a qualified veterinarian. Dr Tanya has also completed her studies in Canine Sports

Medicine, she is a lecturer at Equine Librium College and the College of Integrative Therapies. Dr Tanya owns and

runs the Physical Rehabilitation practice Animal Health and Hydro which currently has three branches in


Kayla Du Toit is a registered Veterinary Physiotherapist, certified through the South African Veterinary Council.

Kayla has been competing with her own dog in Agility for the past five years.




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