Dr Tee’s Canine Physical Rehabilitation Course with Practicals over six installments

R7245,00 incl. vat / month for 6 months

Dr Tee’s Canine Physical Rehabilitation with Practicals

Payment in six (6) installments of R7 245 with a total investment of R43 470


Online Theory Modules:

  • Module 1 : Introduction and Terminology
  • Module 2 : Canine Musculoskeletal and Mobility Examination
  • Module 3 : Tissue Repair
  • Module 4 : Canine Hip Dysplasia
  • Module 5 : Elbow Dysplasia
  • Module 6 : Intervertebral Disc Disease in Dogs
  • Module 7 : Other Neurological Conditions
  • Module 8 : Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease
  • Module 9 : Medial Patella Luxation
  • Module 10 : Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Module 11 : Peripheral Nerve Injury and the amputee
  • Module 12: The neurological examination
  • Module 13: Basics of massage, acupressure and passive range of motion.
  • Module 14: Basics of therapeutic laser
  • Module 15: Basics of electrical therapy (TENS, NEMS etc.)
  • Module 16: Basics of Hydrotherapy, swimming and the underwater treadmill.

Bonus Short Modules

  • Module B1 : Multi-modal Pain Management
  • Module B2 : Osteoarthritis
  • Module B3 : Winning with Wobblers
  • Module B4 : Respiratory Physiotherapy

Practical Sessions

Practical sessions take place over Saturdays and Sundays at Animal Health & Hydro Benoni. Attendance is compulsory in order to complete the course. Learning is hands-on. Every participant will get at least one patient to work on, on each of the practical days and will also learn through watching other participants work with their patients, and through discussions led by Dr Tanya Grantham.

  • Practical Day 1: Gait Analysis and Lameness
  • Practical Day 2: Manual Therapy
  • Practical Day 3: Basics of Electrotherapy (TENS, EMS, Photobiomodulation, Shockwave Therapy and Therapeutic Ultrasound.
  • Practical Day 4:Hydrotherapy (Pool and Underwater Treadmill)
  • Practical Day 5: The Neuro Exam and Neurological Patient
  • Practical Day 6: Hind Limb Conditions
  • Practical Day 7: Forelimb Conditions

Terms conditions and admission criteria 

  • South African participants must be in possession of a relevant qualification such as a veterinarian, veterinary nurse, veterinary physiotherapist and must be registered with the South African Veterinary council or must have an authorisation through the SAVC to practice small animal physical rehabilitation.
  • To complete the course the participant must complete the quiz at the end of each module, must attend all the practical sessions and must submit and pass three case studies.
  • The certificate of completion will only be issued once all the conditions above have been met and all monies owing have been paid in full.


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